Monday, February 3, 2014

A Beginning

There are two traits that I have that tend to drive your mother (and likely most everyone else) insane. Well, there are likely many more than two, but these sort of spring to the top of the list.

First, which you're no doubt already familiar with, is my complete and utter inability to say anything in less time than it takes to read War & Peace. I imagine this comes from a combination of having a law professor for a father, and an English professor for a mother. Despite the issues it may cause me at times, I cannot help but love them both very dearly for giving me the ability to endlessly chat about any given subject.

The other trait, which I believe stems from my time as a programmer rather than my parents, is a tendency to over-analyze situations. To me, perhaps more so than others, there's a certain amount of importance to taking the time to examine something from multiple angles and viewpoints before coming to an opinion on the matter. 

Now, a major issue for someone who possess these two traits in tandem is that life, generally, does not afford the opportunity to take the time necessary to work through something and compose an appropriate, if perhaps overly verbose, response.

And, to be honest, this also isn't always the best way to handle situations. Especially not when it comes to the good, or happy ones. Something is lost when we take time away from experiencing something wonderful to try and pick it apart and see what makes it tick, then spend an eternity rambling on about how great it was. Sometimes, it's best just to just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the things that life has given you.

So it is that I've started this journal, though perhaps collection of stories might be a better term. Rather than spend my precious time with you nattering on about this or that, I hope to instead enjoy our time together, see what you have to say and feel, and only after some time has past, put down the my thoughts, when I'm afforded the time to be as verbose as I'd like and give things some thought.

To be honest, however, I mostly just like telling stories. Real or imagined, stories are a great way to impart ideas, provide a bit of humor and fun, and memorialize events (fictional or otherwise) for later times. And with some luck, a story can evolve into something new as it's passed on. With each telling, we can add a bit of ourselves, providing a new outlook, insight, or some facet of ourselves to the tale, making it into something a little more grand, if perhaps not as truthful. 

Now, given all that, you may wonder why I've chosen to do this in a public manner over, for example, keeping a written journal in a word processor or a notebook. (Yes, notebooks are real. Yes, we used to use these fancy things calls "pens" and "pencils" to actually write words on a page with our hands. And we liked it.)

In part, this is because you are growing up in an age of social media. Notions of privacy are far different today than they were in my time, and this could be viewed as part of my acceptance of that change. Learning to share information is something fairly new to me, and to survive in today's society, it appears that you have to be willing to do this more than I've been willing to in the past.

This also gives me a method of sharing my writing, as well as my thoughts, in the hopes that criticism and critique from the community can help me refine and expand my abilities in this arena. That is, assuming that anyone ends up reading this in the first place. 

But mostly, it forces me into carefully picking and choosing the things I wish to discuss. This is not the appropriate forum for intimate details, personal information, or stories that embarrass people. Those are details for those involved to decide if they wish to share. Rather, this is a place for me to note the positive, fun, and humorous things in our lives, an exercise in positive thinking if you will.

And, I imagine, get a little sappy now and again.

With that, I'll leave to read what you will of this, with the hopes that somewhere in these pages you'll find a few fond memories.




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